Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seduced By Servant

It was early morning. I got up washed my face and finished my morning duties. I was alone in the house except Ramu who was sleeping in the dining hall. My husband anil is in merchant navy and so is out of town most of the time. I am a sexy looking pretty housewife married for the last one and a half year. I am about 29 now and have a very strong sex libido, Living without sex for months together tells on my character and I often tend to look at other males.

I came to the dining space to drink water and found that Ramu who was about my age was doing morning push ups. He was only in his shorts. I found him sweating over his strong masculine body and continuing his push ups. Seeing me, he stopped and said, I will bring tea bhabhiji, just a minute. I said no problem, Ramu, continue, I will wait. Thanks madam and started his exercise again. I sat on a chair on the dining table and starred at his naked torso.

I was mesmerized by Ramu’s muscles and built. Looking at him I felt sexy and my choot starting getting moist. While doing exercise Ramu looked at me and smiled, I too smiled back and I said, “You have solid body Ramu.” He then stopped his exercise and said to me. “ I have toiled very hard from my childhood to achieve this.” I wanted to see Ramu from very close quarters, and therefore asked him to come near and show his muscles to me. As he came near, I offered him my next chair.

He sat on it and then pulled out his hand and bent it forcefully to show his bulging muscles. He held the muscles near my face. He was so near that I could smell his sweat. At other times it would have repelled me, but now it was attracting me. I lightly touched his muscles with my hand and felt it and exclaimed, ‘Wow’. I caressed my hands over his muscles and felt it. “ Nice muscles ramu.” I said. Thanks madam he replied. He then stood up and showed his chest muscles.

His nipples were erect and he showed his six pack. A lot of power seemed to be hidden inside those muscles. I inspected him very closely and stood up and went near him and even touched his 6 packs. “ These are original 6 packs he said, not sharukh khans”. I inspected him from behind and saw his back muscles too. He had a flat belly with a deep naval. He said, hit me with a stick on my belly, see how strong it is. It is like “Loha””. I said, now show me your thigh muscles.

He then lifted his right leg and placed it on the chair and exposed his thigh muscles before me. I was mesmerized looking at his muscles, and I touched his thigh muscles and felt its strength. I slowly caressed his both thigh muscles as he stood before me. I could feel he was getting a hard erection on my touches. It felt like it would come out tearing his shorts. I then said, “ Ramu your another muscle is getting harder” saying this I laughed. He smiled and said, “

Aap jis treeke se touch kar rahi ho, use to current lagna hi hai.” I said, “ to fir wo muscle bhi dikha do na”, I said. He replied, “Ok , Madam. Aap baithiye”. I sat on the chair , and he removed his shorts before me. He was wearing nothing inside and he immediately became totally naked. And wow, his member, stood erect with a bend upwards. It was standing full 7” with its skin pulled back and a little precum wetting its tip. He said, “ Dekhiye Madam, kaisa hai.” I said, “

Wow” itna bada, kaise sambhalte ho ise.” He smiled and said, “ Hamesha thode hi aise rahta hai, yeh to chota sa ho kar rahta hai, yeh to aapke haath ka jadu tha jo isne yeh rup dharan kiya hai. Is ka main khoob khyal rakhta hoon. Ise roj tel maalish karta hoon and is ka massage karta hoon.” I was getting horny and I said,” aisa kyon karte ho tum.” He said, “ Taki waqt pe yeh thik se kam karein, dhoka na de.” He further said, “ Hath lagake nahi dekhogi kya madam.”

I said, “ Na baba dar lagta hain, kaisa ghoor raha hain meri taraf.” He laughed and came more near to me and stood just before me with his cock just at my face level. “ touch kariye na Madam, please, aapka paaltu baniye na use.” I could not control my self and touched his erect cock lightly. Ramu just closed his eyes and took a deep breathing closing his eyes. I folded my fingers around it and held it in my grip. It was large in circumference that I could hardly hold it in my grip. I felt that the cock grew another inch or so after I held it in my grip.

Ramu, then whispered, “ Madam, Madam,…. Please thoda sa aage peeche kijiye na….please madam.” I was like in spell of Ramu, I obeyed his instructions and started slowly to move it forward and backward. The Lund grew more in size and I could feel its strength in my hand. It was like a hot iron rod. Ramu , then brought it so near my face that the tip of his lund touched my lips.

Involuntarily I don’t know, my lips protruded and touched the tip of his lund. Ramu got wild, ’madam… madam…. ahhh… uhhh..’ I then kissed his supada, the top portion of his beautiful lund. Involuntarily among his moaning I started tonguing the cock, its whole length from its tip to the base from which it arose. Ramu was clean shaven with not a trace of hair which made it OK for me. After licking it for a while I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. I slowly increased my sucking and took its whole length in my mouth.

Ramu was moaning wildly….ahhhh…uhhhhh .madam….Ramu then slowly started moving forward and backward…and started fucking my mouth. He was continuously moaning and fucking my mouth. I felt the throbbing of his lund in my mouth and felt the storm building up in his lund. Ramu then controlled himself and brought it out of my mouth. He then without saying anything lifted me in his arms and held me close to his naked chest and said, “ Chaliye Madam ab main aapko khush karta hoon.”

I said, “kahan” he said, bedroom liye chalte hain aapko and he started walking towards my bedroom with me in his strong arms. He then dropped me slowly on to the bed and turned me with my face down. And unzipped my nighty from back. He then made me sit and pulled over the nighty from over my head. I was behaving like a small kid and obeying all his undressing act. I had no bra inside and so my naked boobs spilled out.

The boobs stood firm without any shagginess with crowned brown nipples standing erect at the centre. I had a red panty on. He then made me lie down and started licking my toes. I said, “Ramu yeh kya kar rahe ho?” He said, “Hum aapke kadam chum rahe hain. Hum aapke ke ghulam hain madam.” He licked each and every leg fingers and toes and that quite aroused me. He started kissing my legs and came up to my thighs, He then moved up and started kissing my choot over my panties. The panty was already wet and he went on teasing my choot from over my panty.

I was on seventh heaven by his actions. I was moaning and whishpered, “Ramu, utardo nay yeh panty.” “Jo hokum mem saab”, he said and pulled down my panty. He held the panty in his hand and looked at me and said, “ Agar aap ko aaj main khush kar sakoon to yeh panty tohfe ke taur pe mujhe de dena madam.” I smiled and said, “ Rakh lena ramu yeh tumhe meri yaad dilate rahegi,” He said, “ Dhanyawaad maalkin”. I was lying totally stark naked before my male servant on my bed waiting for him to do something.

Ramu then spread my legs wide and started kissing my pussy. After kissing around the clean shaven pussy he spread my clits wide with his fingers and started licking me. I was moaning and moaning…aahhh.uhh. Ramu…He was inserting his sharp tongue head inside my choot and was tongue fucking me. As he took me to my sexual heights he stopped suddenly and came up and started mounting me.

He placed his erection on my pussy lips and started teasing my pussy by brushing it over my wet pussy. I was moaning…shhhh ohhhhh…Ramuu…dalo na andarrrr please….He then pushed it inside my vagina for about an inch…It was paining….I said…dard hota hai ramu…Ramu said, Ok dheere dheere kartein hain. He then came out and again slowly pushed it in…I moaned……uiiiiimaaaaaa…. Aaaahhhhaaa…

He again ejected out and this time he madly rammed his cock inside my choot…..and as he did so…he clasped my mouth with one of his hands…so that no shout escapes my mouth…I felt the Lund enter my choot all the way in unexplored areas. He then held me in that position looking at me. Tears were flowing down my eyes. He said, “thoda takleef hogi madam.. baad meing sab thik ho jayega.”

I wanted to tell him get off me you bastard but he kept my mouth shut by his hand and so I could not talk. He then slowly came out and again pushed in. He did it for several times so that I get used to his thick iron rod. Each time it went in, I felt like Iam being torn apart. After a while the pain subsided and I started enjoying. He fucked me in slow motion for a while and then built up his pace. When he was at his shooting point…he slows down and rests for a while and again starts fucking.

I climaxed several times but he went on and on…I then requested him…Ramu ab bas karo na…What he said astonished me, “ Madam bas ek aakhri baar…main aapke andar jhadna chahta hoon….aur aapko mai ek sunder sa beta dena chahta hoon.” He then started fucking me wildly and built up his pace and then he whispered…” Madam ..lo aapka bachha aa raha hain…use apne kokh meing panah de do..” saying this he caught hold of my waist and buried his cock deep inside me and started coming. He came and came and I took all his cum inside me.

After a few minutes he went limp inside me and collapsed over my body. After this morning session, Ramu prepared food and fed me. After that took me to bath and soaped me well, rubbed all over my naked body and under the shower, I again sucked him and made him erect. He then dried me and again took me to bed. After lubricating my choot, he again drilled it with his power gun. He again fucked me for an hour and then we slept till evening.

After dinner, he again tore me apart. I liked the way his power full body stroked me. He was a mix of savagery and love, a perfect mate. I felt like his Keep or Rand whatever they call. He behaved like a slave and then mastered me and made me his whore and slave.I became slave of his dick and he became like my master.

Whenever, we were alone, I behaved like his wife and he as my husband. I started cooking for him and in return he fucked me wildly. I liked rough sex and he understood my need and gave it to me as per my wish.One day he invited his servant friends from the colony and requested me that they want to see a movie in our DVD. I agreed and so they all came and were enjoying the movie. But this guy Ramu had other ideas of which I was not aware.

As they guys about 5 in nos. were engrossed in the movie, Ramu pulled me into the bed room and started the sex game,. He made me suck his tool, as he sat on the bed and I was on the carpet. I was not aware that behind my back all those servant guys started watching the scene. After he unloaded his cum in my mouth they all cheered and laughed. I was taken by surprise and looked behind to see those guys. Just then, Ramu picked me up laid me on the bed naked and started ramming my pussy with his solid dick.

After a while he made me stand and came from behind, he inserted his dick in standing position and fucked me holding me by waist and by my hair. All the servant guys had a live show, after which Ramu talked with the guys and made me suck each of his friends. He didn’t allow any one to fuck me. Thanks to him for that. Then these guys chalked a plan to earn some money by whoring me around the town

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