Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How I Fucked Bangladeshi Aunty

I work in corner store. where people find all kind of their daily need, one day one lady came to my store and bought some stuff, when she came to cashier, she asked me where am I from, I told her I am from Bangladesh and she said she is Bangladeshi too. So we start talking and we talked like 20 minutes, she was like thank god, it’s not that many Bengali here. At least I found a Bengali to talk. Than she left. Next day she came to my store and talked for while. Than we exchange the number. But I didn't accept her to call me, but that night she called me and we talked, we talked like 2 hours. She told me her husband is going back to Bangladesh next week for three months and her daughter is going with their dad too. She was like I will be alone all these three months. She doesn’t work since she is very rich. Than she told me why doesn’t u come to my home next Monday for lunch? I was like that sound good. So I went to her house for lunch, when she open the door she was wearing pink sarie with nice make up on her face. Than we had lunch and we talked and it was like 4pm, than we had tea. She asked me at one point if I have girlfriend, I told I had but now we r broke up. Than she asked me did I have sex with my girlfriend? I was shocked to hear from her mouth, she told me u can be frank with me, we r good friend now. We can share everything with each other; I told her yes I had sex with my girlfriend. she was how was it, I told her it was ok, but I love to have sex with mature woman, she asked me why, Than I told her mature woman have more experience and The know how to make men happy. Than I asked her when the last time u had sex with your husband is, she said last time she had sex was 13 years ago. I was like wow, its long time. She said yah my husband is busy to make money, he don't have time to make me happy. Than she said he like 70 years old and I am 50, he can't make me happy in sexually anyway. Than I told her if he is busy than I can make u happy if u want. Than she was like that what I want from you. I been waiting for this time ever since I met u. than we get closer and we start kissing, we kissed each other for 7 to 10 minutes. After Than I kiss her in neck. Than I undress she and she undress me. When she saw my 10 inch dick, she was really shocked to see my big fat dick. She was like wow it’s very big, my husband have only 5 or 6 inch dick. Than I suck her 40DD boobs for long time. It was really good to suck big boobs. She said she never suck her husband dick. She was like this is my first time that I will suck a man dick. Than she took my dick in her mouth and start sucking like lolly pop. She was moaning while she was sucking. After sucking 5 minutes. Than I told her lets have the fun now.

Then we went to her bedroom. Than she starts sucking my dick again and this time she sucks my big fat dick for 10 minutes. Than I lick her vigina with my tongue for another 5/6 minutes. She was like my husband never licks my vigina. When I was licking her vigina, she was like ahhhhhh ohhhhhh yah lick it, lick it harder Sakib...ohhhhhhhhhh yahhhhh yaaaaaaaaaah. After licking when I was tying to put my big fat dick in to her cunt, she was screaming with pain, coz she didn't had sex for 13 years. she was like stop but I didn't and I put my dick in to her cunt and start pumping my dick faster, she was screaming like hell and tears was in her eyes and she was like aaaahhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa fuck me sakib fuk me like I am your bitch ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yah yah yaaaaaaaaaa Sakib fuck me...she was like chod amaka valo kora chold, aro jora chod....kuttar baccha are jora jora chooood ufffffff. I fucked her like 35 minutes. After 35 minutes she was like I am CUMING sakbi and when she was CUMING, she was yelling yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. After she was done with cum, than it was my turn to CUM. she said Sakib I never test cum before, please cum on my face,

Than I cum right all over her face. It was good to see my cum on her face, she ate every single drop of my sperm. And there was some of my cum in the bed. She licked with her tongue. Than she told me that's the best sex she ever had in her life. After first session we wait like 45 minutes and start doing it again. This time first 10 minutes we had sex like 69 position. Than she was like can u fuck me through my ass? Than I was lets go. Than I put my dick in to her ass.....when I put my dick in her ass she was like screaming like crazy and I put my dick to her back all The way, she was its pain but don't stop, keep fucking me Sakib....I increase my speed and she was like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am having pain but don't stop fuck me hard Sakib uffffffffffffffffffffff yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I fucked her for another 20 minutes than I was like I am cuming Sharmila; she was like cum inside me please Than I cum inside her. We had 4 session that day. Since then we have sex everyday like 3/4 times. She was like my husband will come back in 3 months but don't worry we will have sex after he come back. As of today I am still having sex with her and she is enjoying my sex.......

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