Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Incest with bhatiji

dear friends the readers of indian sex stories i am fahad siddiqui doctoe by profession and 6th son of mi landlord father gulam fahad siddiqui we live near i village to delhi and is very large family having more 40 members all live together. i am 6th son of mi father and still inmarried though mi bhatijis and bhatijas are married and are living happily within family. mi elder brother who is no more have 7 family members three of them are married and 4 unmarried among them is one mi bhatiji nisha who is having same age as i am. more over she is having exceptionally large boobs for which she is not going out of house. and live with the house due to shame. mi bhabhi is quite frank to me and one day she called me and said fahad look at the position of nisha and please do some thing. i understood the problem and said bhabhi i am a physician and only surgeon can do cosmetic surgery on nisha. i can not. she prayed methat i sud look at her grievences. so one day i decided to go to some cosmetic surgeon in delhi and to enquire about the cosmetic surgery. things were not settled there and i was planning to go to mumbai for her cosmetic surgery. i informed mi bhabhi about mi plans and proceeded to mumbai taking nisha with me after prior permission from ammijaan.i made enquiries about the surgeon in mumbai from mi friend in delhi and mr desai was the best of mumbai hospital. we took a room in vmumbai vt hotel and took nisha to cosmetic surgeon onthe same day as our train reached early morning. doctor prescribed certain test and advised for surgery in reduction of flesh on boobs by monday or thursday. i informed mi family about the doctors decision. after the check is over i took nisha to various places of mumbai for refreshment and final stage it was the kamla nehru park near hanging garden. seeing prolr ttheir in compromising position nisha enquired this is india chacha. i said yes this is india nisha. nisha......chacha i want to take rest can u r legs can be pillow for me i said.......oh nisha i can be pillow for u ... if u want to take reast here or eud we go to room.nisha chacha this is good and peaceful place i want here and that to with u here. she saw many a couple in compromising stages kissing hugging each other. i too kissed mi bhatiji in romantic way to which she did not reacted. as i was trhinking of her big overgrown boobs she enquired chacha what u r thinking of me. i replied ....look nisha i am thinking how u will look after cosmetic surgery. and have u broughtin and cloth for wearing afterward. she replied no night was falling hard hence we came back to room. i ordered for tea and snacks which we took and rested for while. nisha again enquired that chacha wat u think of me. i replied that had i been custom in our religion to marry bhatiji i wud have married u. i love big boobs. she smiled and said we cannnot marry but u can ......../. wat i said. she smiled and asked for some more outing. we went to nariman point stayed there for quite few hours and returned back. i ordered for meals for her and after her meals were over went to bar forsome drink. came back after half an hour and saw she is sleeping wearing gown and her two mupper buttons were open half of her boobs were clearly visible and in order to explore more came near her and opened the third button now her boobs were clearly visible both big melon type boobs. cud not resist opened her fourth button. now both the melon were open. firther cud not resisr ioen her last button and she was completely naked before me. i saw her beautiful nice body with mi own naked eyes and mi nasha was over . a beautiful body having big boobs and a nice cunt and heavy buttocks before me.i tried to resist but cudnot.started sucking her boobs and nibbling other boob with mi hand she moaned in very low voice ohhhh ahhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo. but it was beyond mi expectations that she did not opened her eyes and simply said chacha all is urs please do it carefully. i was smilimg as she too was smiling. and opened her eyes and said chacha it is this u wanted. i am urs till we are in mumbai. u can do any thing u want with mi body. mi happiness was beyond mi feelings i started sucking her boobs and touch her nice choot and started kissing her all over the body. with mi every kiss she said oh ah chacha feeling nice. i gave mi lund in her hand and asked to suck it nisha replied ok chach i will do every thing for u. the night was fast approaching to dawn. i opened her pussy and entered mi dick in her nice pussy and started making out and push and pull and oh ah ouch everything went on systematically.we both cum and felt and relief. she said that she want to see me coiming in her mouth so i masterbated for her and cum inside her mouth. and mi desire was that she sud piss in mi mouth. the programm went on for exactly ten days and she was operated upon. her filthy big boobs become nice pair of boobs and before we left mumbai i fucked her thrice in a day.the relationship ended while we came back to delhi. but in the way i was in coupe booked for us as husband and wife fucked all the way mi bhaitiji in train. the story ended while we reached house. now she never lookas at me and me too.

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